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           The unusual high rainfall that we received during the previous monsoon season lead to  the devastating flood in Kerala. It was the worst flood in Kerala in nearly a century. Over 483 people died, and 14 are missing and about a million people were evacuated. According to the Kerala Government, one-sixth of the total population of Kerala had been directly affected by the floods and related incidents. The Government of India had declared it a level 3 calamity or calamity of a severe nature. It is the worst flood in Kerala after the great flood in 99 which took place in 1924. Thrissur is the most affected district in Kerala.


           After this flood, Kerala is affected by the severe drought. The water bodies are getting dried up, which leads to drinking water scarcity and production loss in agriculture and allied sectors. Water is a scarce source and there is a need to conserve as it falls (in site conservation).


            'Jalaraksha- Jeevaraksha' the district project on water conservation is a combined project of various departments via, LSGD, Revenue, Irrigation, Water authority, Agriculture, Soil survey and Soil conservation, MGNREGS, Education, Forest, etc. under the District Planning Committee (DPC) of Thrissur district in Kerala.


This is a campaign mode of activity to highlight the theme of


"ഒരു കൈക്കുമ്പിൾ ജലം നമുക്കും...

വരും തലമുറക്കും"

which means

"Conserve one hand full of water for ourselves

and for the coming generation".